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Dec. 15th, 2008

In the Dark, In the Shadows, Serious Ara is Serious


Sometime After Hours - Thoughts on stupidity and what you learn from it.

One of those things someone might always find appropriately dramatic is the fact that it tends to almost always be gloomy looking at the PrIME estate.

Which is probably why she's even here. Arabelle Kintotech is in the most unlikely of places at the moment, sitting on the roof of the Prince Institute for Multiversal Education. Staring out at the moat and watching the Kraken pluck a sheep from the snowed-on green.

Of course, if anyone were near her, they'd actually see that she's not really watching it, just staring out in that direction with a thoughtful and distant look. Chin resting on her knee and wings spread up and out behind her for balance. It's fairly obvious she's up there, given the bright red coat and black pants she's wearing, not to mention the wings and everything.

Anybody can find her, really. Although getting to her might be a bit of a trick.

...Knowing her, that might be part of the point.

Dec. 5th, 2008

oh bugger


(no subject)

Dad wouldn't understand this sort of thing, she reasoned. It's been decades since he's been a teenager and he was married to Mom, he'd never understand! But she can't approach this alone, it's just far too strange for her, and wound up in far too much uncertainty. Who could she go to for advice?

She knocks on Jack Harkness' door during his office hours, figuring that if anyone had had this romantic problem in the past, it would be him. But she's nervous, anyway!

Nov. 20th, 2008



(no subject)

Savannah isn't always the quickest, but she knows when she's being avoided. Lately, Kurt hasn't been around much, and Savannah has been starting to wonder if it's something she did.

A leisurely peek through the walls during her maths class, and she quickly locates the blue-furred boy. And she's out the door much quicker than usual when class is over. Running through the halls, she locates her boyfriend and pulls him aside, tugging on his arm.

"Hey, can we talk? I mean talk."

Oct. 23rd, 2008

see thru hands


(no subject)

Across the leaf-strewn lawns of the estate, a pumpkin is bouncing and rolling along, of its own accord. A face has been carved into it, a very scared and horrified face. It blinks and howls as it tumbles. "Help!" is its pumpkiny cry. "She's gonna eat me!"

Hopping after the pumpkin as fast as her springy legs can go is a little white rabbit with disturbing fangs curving out past her bunny chin, if anyone happened to get close enough to observe. The bunny also has Savannah's voice. She's laughing as she runs along.

"Oooh, come back here, you! I only want a taste! Just a nibble, just a tiny sip!"

Savannah seems to be enjoying an LOL, for once.

Jul. 24th, 2008

Side glance


Coping Strategies

It took her some time to remember this was an option for her. And then there’s more time spent in the privacy of her room with her head buried in both hands, wondering why she hadn't thought of this sooner.

But once she's able to find her PINpoint, Mitsuru wastes no time in dialing in the coordinates for PrIME, and then hurrying to the library once she gets there.

Normally, seeing that many books inside a room deserves a pause, and possibly some reverent silence. But this time around, she’s focused on just reaching the library shelves, and pulling books off them.

There's no rhyme or reason to her choices. If it looks like it will
keep her mind busy, she takes it off the shelf and adds it to her book
stack. A Guide to Archetypes in the Lower Realms, Overview of French Literary Works, The Eldritch Bestiary of Things That Begin With AGGHHHH! and more are now getting precariously balanced in her arms, as she tries to feel her way towards a table.

Apologies will need to be given if there’s anyone caught between her and her work spot. At the moment, she’s focused on only getting there, and losing herself in studying.

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Apr. 20th, 2008

Orange Eye, Painted Eye


Cue the dramatic music.

It's one of those days that the Kraken is apparently feeling appropriotely dramatic. You can practically picture the dramatic music to go with, as tentacles launch themselves from the water with a great and mighty splash and waves to be sent about.


Well. Uh.

Maybe not.

Because the Kraken has apparently not been properly protected by the wards of the school, it's still a Kraken, but. Well.

It's a whopping three feet long.

So you can imagine the Kraken's surprise when its mighty roar comes out as the following:




(( For the record: I got the permission to do this :3 ))
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Apr. 12th, 2008



In need of Council!

Savannah really doesn't want to be here, but figures that there's no way else to deal with things besides consulting with a neutral third party. Someone who will keep things secret. Someone who is not her dad or her boyfriend or her room-mate. Still, who likes meeting with a councilor?

She knocks on Lorne's door, trying to figure out what would be an appropriate time to give up and run away. She figures 5 seconds would be long enough.

Apr. 2nd, 2008

Staff, BalanceKeeper, staff head, staff training, Enforcer Armor is hawt


[Shortly After Hours] With how quiet everything's been lately...

Isis admits, she's been restless, despite the fact that classes have been going relatively well.

Things on her homeworld have bubbled down to a dull simmer of a cold war. Everyone waiting on the other side to do something irrational, so that they can strike back with a stronger, more powerful force.

And, even as someone who loves history as much as she does, it irritates her, just a tad. Mainly because the occupation still holds enough ground in Lost Angels that she cannot return as of yet.

At the moment, however, Isis is taking advantage of the fact that it's starting to warm up once more at the Prince Institute. She stands in an area behind the school, possibly clear of any people about--at least, in her general vicinity--and carrying her staff. She takes a stance, and starts to go through her staff drills, working through them at a fairly brisk pace.
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Mar. 26th, 2008


Not THAT kid again

What's the best thing in the whole wide world, aside from astronauts, Fred Astaire and candy?

Easiest answer ever. The circus. And who're the best there is of all the awesome artists there? Even easier. Not the clowns, not the pretty ballerinas with their hoola hoops, not the rubber-jointed triplets.

The trapeze artists! DUH!

And, what's an aspiring trapeze artist slash astronaut slash best birthday cake chef of the entire WORLD to do?

He climbs the gigamungo school walls, whenever he can, because his Papa taught him mad skeelz.

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Mar. 14th, 2008



(no subject)

Of course they almost all took a go at teaching duty, that was just part of the agreement. However, Ten simply ended up doing it more. You've a natural talent for it, they'd told him. You're so personable and animated!

Truth was, he'd drawn the short straw. Aaaah, well. Beat staring at Nexus time-currents until one's eyes crossed or spying on Fenric schmoozing all about the place and what is he up to with that, anyway?

At any rate, there he was, now. And to-day was review day.

"Hallo, everyone!" he said once everybody was seated. "To-day, we're going to have a bit of a review on causality." He writes the word on the whiteboard in big letters as is his wont. "Cause and effect. Post hoc ergo propter hoc, as the Romans called it--after this, thus, because of this--they hated it when people got it in their arguments, but it's often unavoidable in debate and even more so in physics."

People sometimes get whiplash during this Doctor's lectures, he moves about so much. "'Every major decision creates ripples'," he says, pacing about. "That much is obvious. Refer back to what some theorists call Temporal Nexus Points, Schroedinger Points, or Everett Nodes." Now he's sitting on the desk. "They theorise that every event causes time to branch, creating more timelines, and continues to do so, resulting in an infinite web of timelines, especially for the Multiple Universalists." Grin. Now he's at the whiteboard again, having drawn a line and now a branch with another and another off that and so forth. "Bit of an example. Now. In the Nexus, this doesn't apply, but in realities, it does. Every action affects time."

He turns to look back at the rest of the room for the inevitable first round of questions.
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